Low Water Pressure!

We have a friend that recently called. She had no water pressure in her house! She was using the garden hose attached to a hydrant outside and running it into the tub for washing dishes and bathing. We preformed a thorough investigation and found water pressure at all points outside of the house. The problem started when they added another line for a neighbor. I was able to loosen the main line from the house and found it was full of clay and sand. I flushed the main line and cleaned out the shower head, vanity faucet and replaced a valve in the toilet. The kitchen faucet we cleaned out but the valve was damaged that diverts the water to the sprayer. This could have been prevented by temporary capping lines while the backhoe work was being done. There are many reasons for low pressure in homes. Some of which are not having the correct pipe sizing, a pressure regulator malfunctioning, filters that are clogged, a pressure switch not set properly, water leak or a underground pipe broken. If you're having water pressure issues contact a professional plumber to save yourself time and money.