How to Keep Your Bathroom Clean

It can become hard to keep the bathroom clean, especially if there are quite a few residents in your home and you only have one bathroom to use amongst yourselves. With that being said, here are some sure shot ways to help you keep your bathroom clean and tidy:

Put Things in Boxes

Instead of having everything, the shampoos, lotions, hand wash and conditioner bottles scattered all over the place or pouring out of cabinets, divide them into boxes. Separate your hair, skin, and makeup products. This will ensure that all the products are neatly categorized and stored in boxes without creating a mess. It also becomes convenient for a person to pick the right box, use the product, and put it back in place instead of wasting time to find the right one.

Install Extra Hooks and Racks

Most bathrooms have a standard towel rack and some hooks, which don’t really cater to the amount of things you need to hang in there. Consider your need and install anything extra, which will help you get organized such as dryer holders, shower caddies or anything else. Have a dedicated space for everything and make it a point to keep it back there. 

Clean Once A Week

Take out 15 minutes to clean your bathroom at least once a week. That will help you stay organized and keep the inside of the floor and walls looking neat as well. You must do a monthly cleaning of the floors and the shower screen but a quick toilet scrub once a week will help maintain it better. 

Bathrooms reflect the neatness of your home and you don’t want to embarrass yourself in front of any uninvited guests. Sparing some time to organize the things inside it and cleaning it weekly will help ensure that you will have less work to do at the time of a monthly cleanup.