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How to Keep Your Bathroom Clean

It can become hard to keep the bathroom clean, especially if there are quite a few residents in your home and you only have one bathroom to use amongst yourselves. With that being said, here are some sure shot ways to help you keep your bathroom clean and tidy:

Put Things in Boxes

Instead of having everything, the shampoos, lotions, hand wash and conditioner bottles scattered all over the place or pouring out of cabinets, divide them into boxes. Separate your hair, skin, and makeup products. This will ensure that all the products are neatly categorized and stored in boxes without creating a mess. It also becomes convenient for a person to pick the right box, use the product, and put it back in place instead of wasting time to find the right one.

Install Extra Hooks and Racks

Most bathrooms have a standard towel rack and some hooks, which don’t really cater to the amount of things you need to hang in there. Consider your need and install anything extra, which will help you get organized such as dryer holders, shower caddies or anything else. Have a dedicated space for everything and make it a point to keep it back there. 

Clean Once A Week

Take out 15 minutes to clean your bathroom at least once a week. That will help you stay organized and keep the inside of the floor and walls looking neat as well. You must do a monthly cleaning of the floors and the shower screen but a quick toilet scrub once a week will help maintain it better. 

Bathrooms reflect the neatness of your home and you don’t want to embarrass yourself in front of any uninvited guests. Sparing some time to organize the things inside it and cleaning it weekly will help ensure that you will have less work to do at the time of a monthly cleanup. 

Low Water Pressure!

We have a friend that recently called. She had no water pressure in her house! She was using the garden hose attached to a hydrant outside and running it into the tub for washing dishes and bathing. We preformed a thorough investigation and found water pressure at all points outside of the house. The problem started when they added another line for a neighbor. I was able to loosen the main line from the house and found it was full of clay and sand. I flushed the main line and cleaned out the shower head, vanity faucet and replaced a valve in the toilet. The kitchen faucet we cleaned out but the valve was damaged that diverts the water to the sprayer. This could have been prevented by temporary capping lines while the backhoe work was being done. There are many reasons for low pressure in homes. Some of which are not having the correct pipe sizing, a pressure regulator malfunctioning, filters that are clogged, a pressure switch not set properly, water leak or a underground pipe broken. If you're having water pressure issues contact a professional plumber to save yourself time and money.

Shower for Cabins

If you need in a inexpensive shower for a cabin, tiny house, behind the garden shed or just an extra shower in your basement. You might want to consider Wendy's level units. They come in both electric or gas. They are energy efficient and only heat the water when you need it. I found this unit in a hotel visiting Manila. They are available on amazon or purchase it from us. We can install it for you either way.

Ella's Bubbles

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Bathroom Remodeling: 3 Tips You Need To Know


Bathrooms are definitely that part of the house which needs equal care and styling just like other areas do. Bathrooms are a private place and relatively smaller than the rest of the rooms, but that does not mean they don't require any remodeling. In fact, there is a great scope of remodeling a bathroom!  

From aesthetic design to making the bathroom more spacious, whatever you do, just make sure that your bathroom looks just as clean and modernized as the rest of your home. While if you need some tips for your bathroom remodeling project then here are the three tips that we have. 

  1. Make a plan ahead of time

Before getting on to your bathroom remodeling project, you must consider the budget estimate and the design plan. Planning ahead of time will save you from the last minute chaos and you will be able to determine the sum of money that is required for the completion of the project. Decide what changes you want to make in the design plan of your bathroom and see if the structures really need remodeling or they can be restored through refurbishing. Considering all these details will also help you decrease or exceed the budget limit according to your desired changes. 

  1. Consider spending on high-end materials

Since bathrooms are usually smaller than other areas, you can definitely opt for spending on some luxurious materials that will not only improve the look of your bathroom but also prove to be a long term investment. Consider investing on materials like counter tops, wall d├ęcor, floorings or any other material that is on the higher end. It’s certainly not a compulsion, but you can at least look out for such materials before saying a no-no. Who knows, you might find something luxurious within your budget limits! 

  1. Don’t forget the lights and vent fans

People often neglect the importance of integrating ventilation fans and correct lights while remodeling their bathrooms. However these two components play an important role in increasing the value of the entire bathroom. Vent fans help the bathroom gets dry up quickly preventing all the mold buildup. Similarly correct lights make the bathroom look more spacious and vibrant. 

Home Plumbing vs. Professional Plumbing

There’s always one person in the family who is a veritable handyman when it comes to repairing and fixing things. Their talents are most valued when the house is in need of some plumbing repairs. A clogged drainage, installing new shower head, leaking faucet or a little crack in the pipe could easily be dealt with at home. However, when the plumbing emergency gets a little serious, things get too difficult even for our house expert. That’s when you know that it’s time to make a call to our professional plumbers. 

Here’s how you can decide who is best in what situation: 

  1. Home Plumbing:

Many times all that is causing a river of water in our house is a little loose screw, clogging in the kitchen sink, or just a little crack in the pipe.  Professional plumbers charge their rate on hourly basis along with labor costs. Plumbing at home is cost effective and should definitely be considered an option, especially when dealing with minor issues. 

  1. Professional Plumbing:

There are some plumbing emergencies or issues that are just not meant to be done at home. They are way above the skill set of a normal person and doing it at home is just going to make things worse rather than better. Getting professional assistance is going to minimize the risk of errors and will also help you deal with most of the problems permanently rather than temporarily, that is usually done at home. 

Here’s a list of some plumbing problems and how they should be solved:

At Home:

  • Installing a new faucet/ shower head or a sink pipe

  • Replacing washer’s hose

  • Repairing toilet hardware

For Professionals:

  • Renovating the whole house or remodeling the kitchen or a bathroom 

  • Installing complex water works such as sprinklers in the lawn

  • Sometimes, the shower or a faucet in our homes is only providing a dwindling supply of water; this is usually because of some internal plumbing repairs and could only be repaired by a professional plumber.

  • When the water leakage is a mystery then only an experienced and professional plumber can point it out.